Bespoke Dormer Conversions

At QLC Lofts we offer bespoke dormer conversions to customers throughout Middlesbrough and the surrounding area of the North East. The dormer loft conversions we offer are perfect if you have a lower roof line, and they allow you to enjoy all the great benefits of a loft conversion even when you don’t have a great amount of head room. Dormer conversions are created by extending a rectangular room that extends into the existing roofline.

Whether you want your dormer to extend to the front, rear and sometimes even the side of your property, then QLC Lofts can help. We offer a comprehensive and fully tailored services to all of our customers, working with you from design to competition; we have you covered. We have years of experience in the industry and have carried out many bespoke dormer conversions over the years. With a team of experienced professionals, we can ensure your dormer conversion is carried out to some of the highest industry standards.

A dormer loft conversion is a structural extension which projects vertically from one aspect of a sloping roof. By investing in having a dormer built into an existing loft, it can transform a once underused space into a more practical and light and airy dormer loft conversion.

Loft conversion
Loft conversion

Types of Dormer Loft Conversions

Flat Roof Dormer

The most popular types of dormer conversions we offer in the Middlesbrough area, is our flat roof dormer. Flat roof dormer conversions are one the most affordable conversions to have carried out and they offer a large amount of space too.

Shed Dormer

A shed dormer also features a flat single planed roof, but sloped downwards at an angle that is shallower than the main roof. At QLC Lofts, we tend to install these types of dormers on homes with a gable roof, and these types of dormers tend to require different roof sheeting to that of the main roof due to the installation process.

Gable Fronted Dormer

Our gable fronted dormers are one of the most attractive and visually appealing dormer conversion options that we offer. When you choose a gable fronted dormer as part of your conversion, the gable end wall will be built up to the existing ridge line, with a new section of rood built outwards to the gable end. These are similar to hipped roof dormers and offer an aesthetically pleasing option with allows your dormer to blend in with your existing roof.

Why Choose A Dormer Conversion?

Dormer conversions offer a vast amount of additional floor space and give that much needed extra height needed in lofts. That’s why QLC Lofts offer them to our customers throughout the Middlesbrough area. They offer a great visual appearance and our design team can help you plan it so it blends in with the existing exterior of your home. Most dormer conversions that we offer fall under permitted development, meaning you won’t need to seek planning permission. As dormer conversion specialists we can undertake any type of dormer conversion; no matter how big or small the project is.

Our team at QLC Lofts will work with you throughout the whole dormer conversion process, to ensure you’re happy with each stage of the development. We have a team of experienced and fully trained tradesmen who are on hand to carry out a range of services from roofing tiles, to plastering and much more. If you’re planning on a dormer conversion in the Middlesbrough area, be sure to get in touch with QLC Lofts.

Call QLC Loft For Professional Dormer Conversions

For a number of years QLC Lofts have been carrying out professional standard dormer conversions for customers in Middlesbrough and throughout the surrounding areas in the North East. We have carried out many dormer style conversions over the years, and our team are well known for the services that they provide. When you choose us to carry out a dormer loft conversion in the Middlesbrough area, we’ll ensure it’s completed to some of the highest possible industry standards. If you’re interested in having a dormer loft conversion carried out or need a quote for one then be sure to give us a call on 0800 043 4083.

We also offer our service to customers in Newcastle and the surrounding areas in the North East. In addition to this we can travel further afield to areas such as London, Essex, Kent and many other areas in the South of the country.